Chakracise Testimonials

Spirituality, Fitness & Fun

Thanks to Peggy Zuckerman, Kristian Lewis, Isabelle Rudolph, and Anja Bettina for this video testimonial.

Chakracise: Spirituality, Fitness & Fun

"So much fun...! Can't wait to be part of another class soon!!"
Summer Rathswohl

"It felt great. Love you :)"
Cheryl Lynn Mcdonald Wild

"You are definitely ahead of your time :)"
Char Ravelo

"Oh my that was great! Thank you!!"
Sandra Gabriele

"I really enjoyed tonight's session! I needed something like this to get moving again! Thank you Rita!"
Dee Carey

"What an amazing class last night!!! I felt so light and free last night and this morning. Can't wait to shake my Chakras again with you Rita! What a Gift! What a Blessing!!!! Thank you!!! Blessings!!!."
Tara Christina

"Awesome! This answers so much for me! That is why I connect so easily when gardening, sewing, embroidering, quilting, crocheting, painting, walking in a quiet place! I knew I was meditating and it was relaxing and fulfilling. Until today did not know why! Thanks."
Lora A Basham

"I loved it on the beach- great atmosphere out there! Thank you ;)"
Isabelle Rudolph

"That was amazing! We should do that more often, the sunset was the perfect accent for the class!"
Kristian Lewis

"It was very cool. Had a great time. Thank you :)"
Anja Bettina

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Rita Harrison
Rita Harrison HPpt
Developer Of Chakracise

It has been called by experts "spiritual aerobics", "meditative dance", "mindful Zumba", but Rita Harrison, the developer just calls it "fun". It's Powered by The Willow System that she founded almost 30 years ago & Chakracise has become an integral part of her feminine art of healing.

It embodies the Willow System's innovative way of working on all the levels of our being – physical, emotional, energetic, mental, systemic, spiritual, and the DNA.